Job Training Report at Lemhannas RI

Job Training Report at Lemhannas RI
(Gigih Ibnu Jafar)
Assalammualaikum Wr. Wb
            Praise and  gratitude I prayed to Allah SWT, to my beloved Rasulullah SAW, Family, Friends and the Followers until the day of the resurection.
            Honoroble my teachers, and dear friends. Thank you for oppprtunity to present my Job Training Today.
            First of all, i would to introduce myself my name is Gigih Ibnu Jafar, i am now at the 3rd grade of Cikarang Barat vocational high school 2, I Have done my job training in Lemhannas RI, for 3 months when i was at the second grade and now i would like to present it in front of you all.
            Honorable my English teacher Miss. Sumarmi and dear friends, the title of my report is Repairing Computer and Network. This title on the bases of most frequent work done in the service divison. And the objectives of presenting this title is to illustrate to you about How to Repairing Computer and Network.
            And About My routine job is repairing computer and network to use the staff official and give service the internet that always on. Sometimes I have to installing the telephone network in a room. installing loudspeakers or commonly called delegeat. Fixing a broken computer is my routine to do every day
            In conclusion when i do the Job Training i got a lot an experiences about responsibility,careness,dicipline and good attitude, Cause all of it is not only neccasary in the company, however also in society.
            Honorable my teacher and dear friends.That is all i can present to you, I hope this gives us more knowledge about how to input data technical service report. I apologize for my mistakes. The last say...Thank you and Wassalammualaikum Wr. Wb.


                                                                                                      Gigih Ibnu Jafar


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